June 15, 2024

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This website highlights research, technology, companies, and leaders that benefit our planet and its inhabitants.

This site’s articles are educational, honest, inspirational, and approachable. By ‘approachable,’ we imply that certain global concerns might appear intractable. We attempt to make these difficulties simpler to grasp by reducing them into bite-sized chunks and inspire our readers to take positive, perhaps little, actions towards change.


  • Before submitting your article, consider these rules.
  • Only original, aligned content is accepted.
  • We attempt to avoid covering firms or technologies with a dishonest attitude to sustainability. If you submit anything that fits this description, it will be disregarded.
  • You may link to publications and studies, but your website must be included here. SEO-wise, links are usually ‘nofollow’ Requests for exceptions will be evaluated depending on the article’s quality.
  • Articles should be simple to read, written professionally, and neutral.
  • This site offers exciting, cliché-free articles about technology, leaders, and corporations doing good. All contributions will be evaluated.
  • Our website’s articles are well-written and give valuable material. We don’t accept blatantly promotional guest blogs.
  • You let us edit and publish your content. We’ll edit for accuracy and clarity.
  • We disregard erroneous articles.
  • We may refuse articles and not communicate with you.
  • Submitting the identical article several times won’t increase its publishing chances and may get you barred.
  • We’ll carefully examine all submissions and notify winners.

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