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Should You Retain An Attorney To Contest Your Traffic Ticket?

The majority of individuals who dispute their traffic citations represent themselves in court. However, is it worthwhile to retain a traffic attorney? Generally speaking, it depends on the circumstances. For many individuals, the expense of engaging an attorney for a traffic citation is well worth it. In certain circumstances, a motorist would be better off not spending the additional money on an attorney. Before making your decision, you may wish to examine the following points.

Fees For Retaining A Traffic Lawyer

The expense is maybe the only disadvantage of engaging a traffic attorney. Naturally, attorneys charge a variety of fees. In many instances, however, the expense of engaging an attorney may equal or exceed the amount of the traffic ticket punishment. So, what is the purpose?

If you delve under the surface, there are several advantages to employing an attorney that, in many instances, can more than justify the expenditure. In addition, some individuals have legal insurance via their workplaces or unions that cover all or a portion of legal expenditures. If you can find a suitable attorney this way, it can be a viable choice.

How A Traffic Attorney Can Assist?

Every case is unique. Consequently, what an attorney can accomplish for you in a particular situation will rely on the specifics. However, here are some fundamentals:

An attorney can represent you in traffic court.

If you choose to contest a traffic citation, you will often need to appear in court at least twice. If you hire an attorney, you will often not have to appear in court. That is, your attorney can defend you in court without your presence.

Expert Legal Counsel

One of the disadvantages of self-representation is a lack of expertise and legal understanding. The ordinary individual just does not know the optimal course of action in a particular circumstance. Experienced traffic attorneys have the finest understanding of the various strategies and possibilities for achieving favorable outcomes. It’s not only legal knowledge, though. Attorneys who spend a significant amount of time in traffic court are aware of the habits of the various judges and, in certain cases, the police who issue the citations. This local knowledge might be useful when considering how to contest a ticket.


Although talks and plea bargains are more usual in major criminal cases, they can also be used in traffic situations. For example, it is occasionally possible to save traffic violation points by reducing a moving violation citation down to a non-moving violation.

Traffic Court Proceedings

Traffic attorneys such as Mark Nicewicz, Esq. with extensive trial experience are far more likely to succeed in court than the typical Joe or Jane. Simply put, attorneys who have spent many hours in courtrooms and are well-versed in the law know where to direct their attention during trial.

It is simple for non-lawyers to get off course. People who defend themselves frequently offer excuses for traffic violations that are not regarded as legal defenses.

Situations In Which You May Not Need A Lawyer

In certain instances, it is evident that employing a traffic attorney is not cost-effective. If you have no reasonable prospect of contesting your ticket, you should generally forego hiring a counsel. Generally, you may enroll in traffic school without ever going to court, so having legal counsel is unnecessary; you can handle it yourself.

Professional Drivers

Commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders are subject to more stringent regulations than other drivers. Certain driving offenses may result in the cancellation of a driver’s license by these guidelines. Therefore, the stakes in traffic court can be rather high for business drivers. With so much at stake, it would make sense to contact an attorney.

Drivers With Numerous Citations

Multiple citations within a short period might result in license suspension. In this circumstance, beating a citation might make all the difference for drivers. And to maximize the likelihood of success in traffic court, it may be prudent to hire an attorney.

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