July 7, 2024

HRM Search Partners’ talent and wellness

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HRM Search Partners, Ireland’s biggest independent search firm, understands the value of acquiring the finest people for their clients – and the greatest HR tool for their staff leave. As they celebrate their 30th year in business, the executive recruiting agency informed us about their success formula, collaborative culture, and how adopting Leave Dates has reduced their leave administration by a stunning 75%.

HRM Search Partners, founded in 1992 by chairman Michael O’Leary, has pioneered executive and professional talent acquisition in Ireland during the last 30 years.

They assist clients of all sizes with their recruiting difficulties, with headquarters in Dublin and regional support staff in Cork and Galway. Clients include regional and worldwide leaders in a variety of sectors, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices, as well as consumer markets, business services, and technology.

The firm’s distinguishing feature is its knowledge. Their grasp of the Irish market is unparalleled, owing to three decades of executive and professional search experience. They are able to effectively provide the best candidates to their customers by combining this strong local market expertise with unique research networks, data analytics, innovative evaluation, and a significant worldwide reach.

A team of 40 researchers and consultants in Ireland operate across three highly specialised practises, allowing in-depth sector knowledge, while leveraging on a network of 450 consultants globally as the exclusive Irish representative of global executive search company IIC Partners.

Everything revolves around the team.
“Here, the team is everything. It’s a highly collaborative atmosphere where everyone works together and everyone is friendly. It’s fast-paced and exciting, yet everyone gets along well. You have to because of the nature of recruiting. It’s a high-performance environment. Everyone works really hard, but it’s also a lot of fun – it’s a very nice place to work,” adds company accountant Shane Brosnan.

Shane describes the organisation as “extremely people-focused.” There is a dedicated wellness team that contacts staff each week to set up coffee mornings, buddy systems, reading clubs, and online yoga sessions, a social team that organises parties (when budget constraints allow), and there is a strong emphasis on learning and growth.

It’s highly people-oriented; they keep in contact and care after individuals.”

This philosophy extends to yearly leave. According to Shane, the company has a generous yearly leave policy and “they’re keen on individuals actually utilising their leave.” “Every year, they urge everyone to take a two-week holiday, and supervisors ensure that everyone gets the breaks they need.” The epidemic has been difficult for everyone, but the emphasis on work-life balance has been beneficial. If you’re sending an email after hours, they recommend that you schedule it to go out the following morning rather than at 7 p.m.

The company provides family-friendly working arrangements, as well as “gathering days” when everyone can work together in the office and flexible days where employees may work from home. “The concept is cooperation, and since that’s the nature of the company, it’s really beneficial to have people working together in the same building, at least a couple of days a week, and then three days from home, with flexibility if needed.” That makes everyone happy.

There is also a recognition programme. “Some of the awards include half-days off or the ability to start late or finish early — that’s a wonderful idea.”

It’s time to plan your vacation.
Before discovering Leave Dates, the company controlled employee leave manually using an Excel spreadsheet, according to Shane. “It took a long time, and the team didn’t have access to see where they were on their own leave.” It took a lot of back-and-forth emails. The amount of time it took to manage it was the largest issue.”

Just as research is important in their recruiting process, it is also important in picking Leave Dates.

“Our systems manager conducted research on leave systems and returned with all of the possibilities, and Leave Dates seemed to be the best bet for simplicity of use, how it looked and felt, and value for money.” We had a number of demo calls with Phil, which was fantastic; we loved the look of it and proceeded from there.”

“The setup instructions are extremely excellent, and Phil’s quite personable — he got back to me soon regarding any problems.” We compiled all of the preliminary data into a spreadsheet and submitted it. I’ve been engaged with this previously, and the setup may take months, but Leave Dates is excellent; it’s simple to execute.”

100 percent issue resolution
“The system practically runs itself,” Shane explains. “We’ve set up email notifications so that top management receives an email in the morning alerting them to depart for the day.” We retrieve payroll records as well as reports for the social team to see whether they’re planning an event. On a daily basis, anybody may simply log in and issue requests or check when others are unavailable.”

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