Saturday, June 25, 2022

What To Do If Your Vape Cartridge Is Clogged

Is your Delta-8 cart becoming clogged? Do you hear a popping sound near the end of your cartridges?

Here are some best practices for reducing the likelihood of a clogged vape cartridge in the first place:

Keep An Eye On The Weather, Especially The Temperature And Humidity.

Temperature, which has a significant effect on the viscosity of the concentrates housed in your cartridge, is one of the most common causes of a clogged vape cartridge. Cold temperatures can cause cartridges to clog because the oil becomes too thick to pull onto the coil, whereas warm temperatures can cause clogs because oil runs into the airflow holes.

Unless you have complete control over the weather, we recommend storing your vape delta cartridge in a dry, room-temperature location whenever possible. The most important thing is to return your cartridge to room temperature before vaping and to clear out any excess oil that may have leaked due to heat.

Gently Inhale

What does your ability to create massive clouds have to do with the fact that your cart is constantly clogging? Unfortunately, they are most likely related, especially if you inhale extremely hard when you hit your vape cartridge.

Though it may be tempting to rip your vape cartridge with all the force your lungs can muster, this is a recipe for a clogged cart. If you inhale too forcefully, you risk pulling too much oil through your cartridge before it can be vaporized, resulting in clogs and leaks that will be difficult to repair.

Avoid Overtwisting.

Another common cause of clogged vape cartridges is a poor fit between the airflow holes on the base of the cartridge and the battery structure. When a cartridge is screwed as tightly as possible to a battery, it covers up the holes and only a small amount of air flows through, eventually pulling enough oil with it to cause a clog. This is another difficult habit to break, but it will help extend the life of your cartridges and ensure you get your money’s worth.

Is It Still Clogged?

Once airflow returns to your cartridge, you should be good to go — just keep in mind that most clogged vape cartridges are caused by environmental factors or misuse, and it’s always best to avoid a clog in the first place by following the best practices outlined above. If your cart continues to clog, you may need to use a needle to clear out the airflow holes and blow into the mouthpiece of the vape to force out residual oil.

Tanks That Have Flooded

Last but not least, most experienced users have dealt with the dreaded flooded tank at some point in their lives. When a clogged vape cartridge is left unfixed near the end of a cartridge, the oil begins to leak out the bottom, resulting in a flooded tank. It can also be caused by a cartridge break or an overheated cartridge in which the oil has become too viscous.

A flooded tank does not always mean the end of a cartridge, but it does necessitate some practice to recover from. In most cases, you’ll need to start by clearing out the airflow holes as much as possible and removing excess oil from your device with an alcohol-based swab.

This final step can be repeated as many times as necessary until airflow is restored to the clogged vape cartridge. We do not recommend blowing into a flooded tank because it frequently results in the waste of large amounts of oil.

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